Microbe Boost

ISN Microbe Boost is an army of organic pro-biotics for plants.

ISN Microbe Boost works by ‘softening’ all the inorganic salts in the roots and flushing them out. You should never have to worry about salt build up again! It also consumes the dead root mass while increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in the root
zone, which in-turn produces healthy root mass.

The Microbes also amazingly convert waste products into a healthy organic nourishment for the plant.

ISN Microbes can be used as a foliar spray to trigger healthy leaf growth, increased flower sights, boost of yield sizes and fight off unwanted pests.

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Microbe Boost 1 Litre

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Micro Boost 1 Litre

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Micro Boost 5 Litre

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Micro Boost 20 Litre