pH Test Kit

The Flairform pH Test Kit is a simple, no fuss way to measure the pH level of hydroponics Nutrient.

Simple and easy to use;

  1. Fill the supplied test tube with nutrient
  2. Add one drop of solution
  3. Match the colour with the chart on the bottle to determine the pH level.

The Flairform pH Test Kit will provide an accurate result every time. Even well maintained electronic pH meters are susceptible to error because lower quality electrodes may respond to foreign matter within the hydroponic nutrient (e.g. sodium). Many growers choose to occasionally cross check their readings with a Flairform pH Test Kit.

  • Measuring range 4.5 to 9.0
  • There's enough solution to perform around 800 tests.
  • Great backup for an electronic meter.

PH Test Kit

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pH Test Kit