Lumatek 1000 Watt 400 Volt Fixture

Lumatek 1000 watt 400 Volt Light Fixture

Holland Forge in conjunction with Lumatek can provide lighting for large horticultural projects such as Greenhouse production and research programs. Our services include; Project Management, Product Customisation, Light Calculations, Implementation Support.

1000W 400V HPS DE Commercial Fixture

These Double Ended 400V Fixtures have the versatility to run HPS technology.

Key Features

  • Run HPS Technology
  • Very High Efficiency & Energy Saving
  • Long Operating Life
  • Very Effective Light Distribution
  • Completely Silent and Maximum Heat Distribution
  • RF Shielding
  • Automatic Frequency Adjustment
  • Soft Start and Random Start Technology

 Input Voltage


 Output Power


 Input Current

 2.6 - 2.8A



 Power Factor

 < 0.98


 1000W 400V HPS DE

 Lamp Base

 Double Ended


 Focal (Concentrated Light) or Wide (Wide Light Spread)

 Reflector Material  97%  Reflective Alanod Hammertone

 Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Lamp End of Life Rectification, Over-Voltage, Low-Voltage

Lumtatek Greenhouse Fixture
Lumatek Commercial Light Fixture