Lumatek 1000 watt 400 Volt SEB Fixture

Lumatek 1000 watt 400 Volt SEB

1000W 400V SEB Fixture

The Lumatek 1000W 400V SEB (Small Electronic Ballast) fixture is a perfect simple choice for a large Greenhouse operation that requires a standard product with the highest grade components.

Besides the simplicity, one of the main advantages of this fixture is its compact and small dimension, creating very low shadow areas when comparing with other fixtures.

 Input Voltage  400V
 Input Power  1050V
 Light Distribution  140ยบ
 Lamps  1000W HPS DE 400V
 Reflector  97% Reflective Alanod Hammertone - Focal

Lumatek 1000watt 400V Greenhose Light Fixture