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Cultivator HPS+

Method Seven
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Cultivator HP

The Cultivator Plus sunglasses are designed to provide the best optical quality possible for a synthetic lens, and to give exceptional value for those working under HID lighting.

The lenses are polycarbonate, featuring Tri-Flection Methane Silver coatings for anti-reflection, glare reduction, and optimum UV protection.

Operator HPS+

Method Seven
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Method Seven - Operator HPS Plus+
Experience exceptional colour balancing for HPS and MH lighting with these proprietary lenses manufactured for Method Seven to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. The silver plus lens coating makes the Operator Plus a good choice for outdoors too.

Resistance 2 HPS+

Method Seven
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Resistance Plus 2 HPS
The Resistance utilises patent pending Rendition lens technology and is the world's ultimate pair of glasses for the grower in search of "Perfect Colour" in their HPS lighted grow room.

The Resistance Plus adds silver "plus" coating for brighter, large scale grow rooms above 10,000 watts. These also look great as a soothing, blue tinted sunglass.

Lenses are manufactured from the highest quality German mineral glass which also provides that highest level of clarity available

Classic Clip-On HPS

Method Seven
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Classic Clip On

Method Seven "Classic Clip-Ons" change the way you see your plants and grow room using your own prescription glasses!

The Classic style clip-ons have high quality lenses with spring-loaded rubber coated metal clips that gently hold to your eye wear. This Classic style fits a wide variety of smaller or less shaped lenses. For larger lenses look at "The Aviator" Clip-on.

Phone and Tablet Camera Filter HPS

Method Seven
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Capture insanely clear and colour balanced shots in your HPS grow room with an easy to use mobile phone / tablet lens filter clip.

Method Seven technology + Carl Zeiss Vision lens = the perfect combo to show off your girls.

Camera Lens Filter HPS

Method Seven
Special Order
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Introducing the worlds first lens filter. Get amazing "Perfect Colour" photos and video inside your grow room! Precision German glass filter lens with the patent pending Rendition Perfect Colour technology, housed in anodized aluminum and compatible with any camera fitted with a Cokin "P" filter holder (not included).
With this lens filter, photographers and videographers can shoot in the harsh light spectrums found under HPS and LED lights, and get perfect white balanced imagery and stunning results.

Display Stand

Method Seven
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Holds up to 6 pair of Method Seven Glasses 

Comes flat packed for easy shipping

Contact us to enquire about Method Seven display packages.