Eazy Plug Propagation


 is an organic propagation plug specially formulated for optimum germination of seeds and rapid rooting of cuttings.

  • RHP Certified
  • Almost impossible to over-water
  • Easily re-hydrated if required
  • Easy to use plant starter cubes
  • Made from organic materials
  • Fully compostable & biodegradable
  • For all different types of cuttings and seeds
  • Amazingly fast and vigorous rooting
  • Perfect air to water ratio
  • Easy and safe plant transfer into rockwool, coco, perlite etc.


A predetermined pH with buffering:

By adding special components that are pH buffered, the Eazy Plug has a predetermined pH value which is retained even after adding water and/or nutrients with different pH values. This makes the pH stable and less prone to user error and easier to manage.

A predetermined value by buffering EC:

During production the EC value of the plugs are set and buffered so that the EC value does not have to be built to a specific level. That level remains stable and easier to control.

Open structure so that the water / air management is always good:

Too much water is almost impossible, if the trays / plugs just can drain. The Eazy Plug drains the excess water, so there is always enough air left for an optimum root environment.

Kick Start for the first 2-3 weeks:

The plugs provide a great start for the first 2-3 weeks. After this period you will have to provide nutrient. The construction (buffering) of the plugs means there is no chance of over-fertilisation, which allows you to add a nutrient right from the start.

Compatibility with rockwool:

The composition and structure of these plugs allows easy integration with rockwool. Root growth will continue from the plugs into the rockwool, and the water balance is maintained.

The plug will easily absorb water again:

Even if the plug has completely dried out, it can be easily restored by adding water. All the original features remain intact.


The Eazy Plug consists largely of organic material and as a whole is compostable.

Eazy Plug 6-Plug Sowing Set

Eazy Plug
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  • Description

The Eazy Plug 6 plug seed tray kit from Eazy Plug makes seed raising a breeze. Keeping it super simple with Eazy Plug’s unique propagation plugs, you’ll find over watering a thing of the past.

Comes in a handy tray, with a bag of top layer mix to sprinkle over seeds once sown.

Eazy Plug - 12 cube tray

Eazy Plug
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Eazy Plug 12 Tray
  • Description

Individual Cube Size: 36 x 36 x 30mm
Tray Size: 200 x 150mm

Cubes can be easily transplanted into an Eazy Block or other growing media when ready.

Eazy Plug - 24 cube tray

Eazy Plug
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Eazy Plug 24 Tray
  • Description

Individual Cube Size: 36 x 36 x 30mm
Tray Size: 300 x 200mm

Cubes can be easily transplanted into an Eazy Block or other growing media when ready.

Eazy Plug - 77 cube tray

Eazy Plug
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Eazy Plug 77 Tray
  • Description

Individual Cube Size: 36 x 36 x 30mm
Tray Size:  520 x 310mm

Cubes can be easily transplanted into an Eazy Block or other growing media when roots have developed.

Eazy Block

Eazy Plug
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  • Description

Block Size: 75 x 75 x 60mm

Designed to accept an Eazy Plug - making development from cutting or seed to healthy plant a breeze.

Eazy Block is manufactured without plastic covering, ensuring roots stop growing when they reach the outside of the block (air pruning). This means that the primary roots stop growing beyond the Eazy Block because they get exposed to the relatively dry air and dieback. That stimulates an abundant growth of secondary roots and root hair, that spread throughout the entire Eazy Block. This effect generates a very well developed root system with a maximised absorption capability for the best possible intake of nutrients and fluids. There is no doubt that in this fully natural environment your plant will have the strongest and healthiest start possible.

Eazy Block has an unlimited shelf live. It is supplied dried, so it is very lightweight and clean. Accordingly there is no risk of moulds and shelf live is unlimited. The dry Eazy Block is designed to absorb water very easily and it does it astonishing quickly, whilst preserving all of its original characteristics.