Coco Coir

Coco peat growing substrate designed specifically for hydroponics - low salt, stable pH. Available in bricks, blocks or loose.


House and Garden
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Premium Dutch Coco

House and Garden Cocos is a natural plant substrate made from the cleanest coco peat available in the world today, direct from one of the leading substrate manufacturers in The Netherlands. H&G Cocos is not sterilised or treated with harmful chemicals to retain the natural attributes of the coco substrate. H&G Cocos has a perfect air/water ratio, is washed in fresh water, has a low EC (salt) level and is pH stable.

For best results use with H&G Cocos nutrient

  • RHP quality, suitable for horticulture
  • Produced by one of the largest substrate manufacturers in Holland
  • Washed in FRESH water in Holland
  • No Chemical treatment
  • Non Methyl Bromide fumigated
  • Low EC, neutral pH 

Cocopeat Blocks

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Cocopeat Expandable Block
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Hy-Gen coco peat is a 100% natural coir hydroponics growing medium. It is pH stabilised to maintain steady pH conditions around the root zone. Calcium and Magnesium are used to buffer the coco peat to assist in conditioning and to eliminate nuisance chemicals such as sodium