Coco Coir

Coco peat growing substrate designed specifically for hydroponics, offering a low salt content and stable pH. It comes in bricks, blocks, or loose form, providing versatile options to suit your specific gardening needs.

Premium Coco - 50 Litre

Professor's Nutrients
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Professors Premium Coco
Coco coir is an organic plant substrate derived from fibrous coconut husks, and is the preferred growing media for hydroponic systems.
  • Washed and Pre-Buffered
  • Very Low EC, less than 0.5
  • pH Stabilised for optimum nutrient uptake
  • High water absorption and essential air ratio
  • pH Range 5.5 - 6.5
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • Free from pathogenic germs and disease
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • A perfect mix for container plants and hydroponics
Professor’s Pure Blend coco is RHP certified, ensuring it remains pure and clean throughout the production process and achieves a consistently high quality. Professor’s Coco is lightly washed and buffered (without using any chemical treatments), providing a fantastic environment for root growth. It's excellent drainage and aeration, along with it's consistent pH level, provides the optimal growing medium. Coco coir has the benefit of being easy to hydrate and 100% natural.

  Pallet: 75

Coco Brick - 5kg

Professor's Nutrients
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Coco Brock 5Kg
The Professor’s Nutrients Premium Coco 5kg Brick consists of RHP certified coco, the same coco used in the Professor’s Coco Premium 50 Litre Bag. This 100% Pure Blend coco coir is compressed and split into two halves, resulting in two 2.5kg bricks securely wrapped together. When expanded, the total volume of the 5kg brick will yield over 60 litres of coco coir

Coco-Perlite Blend - 50 Litre

Professor's Nutrients
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Professor's Coco Perlite Blend

Professor’s Nutrients Coco-Perlite Blend is a mix consisting of 70% Coco Coir and 30% Perlite.

Perlite is a common addition to Coco Coir, being highly favoured for its excellent drainage capabilities while simultaneously maintaining high moisture levels and alleviating the risks of over-watering. The main advantage of a perlite blend is its ability to keep the grow medium aerated. Plants need oxygen to thrive and survive, and perlite particles create tiny air tunnels which allow moisture and oxygen to flow freely to plant roots.

  Pallet: 75

Coco Chips - 50 Litre

Professor's Nutrients
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Professor's Coco Chips

Professor’s Nutrients Coco Chips blend is a mix consisting of 50% Coco Coir and 50% Coco Chips.

Coco chips are small chunks of Coco Coir that combine the best properties of coco peat and fibre. They have a large surface area and retain moisture and nutrients like a sponge, yet do not compact tightly, allowing for large volumes of air between them and a higher level of aeration. Less compaction allows roots to grow more freely and promotes excellent drainage.

  Pallet: 75