Light Hangers

By positioning growing lights close to growing plants you get the most from them. Start off with the lights hung low, nice and close to the plant, then as the plants grow, adjust the light hangers to move the lighting higher. The lights and reflector will always be in the optimal position, and you can avoid plants 'burning' from the light's heat.

Our range of Reflector Light Hangers means there is a solution for most grow room applications.

Rope Ratchet Hanger (Pack of 2)

An easy way to adjust the height of reflectors, carbon filters etc in the grow room.

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Reflector Hanger - (Pack of 2)

Maximise growth with proper light position
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Hangups - (Pack of 2)

A multi-purpose adjustable hanger set.

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Jack Chain

  • 30 metre roll
  • 2.5mm chain thickness
  • heavy duty

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