Can-Original Filters


Can-Filters is the industry leader in carbon filters for hydroponics, and has been providing the highest quality filters and fans for more than 20 years. Can Filters use only the best virgin activated (CKV-4) pellitised carbon - cleaning the air quickly and effectively.

The Can-Filter range has many advantages:

  • Palletised Carbon for dust free even airflow throughout the entire filter, decreasing the amount of pressure on your fan for maximum air flow.
  • Can-Filters contain more carbon than any other filter on the market with large carbon beds (wall of the filter containing the carbon)
  • Interchangeable flanges


Info on flanges
Flanges don't come fitted to this range of carbon filters. This allows for a more flexible approach to the range available. For example, if you have a Can-50 on the shelf, you can offer three carbon filter choices by fitting the required flange as required: 200mm, 250mm or 315mm. If the flanges are pre-fitted, you would need to carry three filters with three different size necks. By carrying a few extra different size flanges in stock you increase the range and have the flexibility to match most requirements. In most cases one flange is free with each filter.

Can 100 Carbon Filter

Can 100

Can 75 Carbon Filter

Can 75

Can 66 Carbon Filter

Can 66

Can 50 Carbon Filter

Can 50

Can 33 Carbon Filter

Can 33