Citroshield Disinfectant

Citroshield Disinfectant

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CitroShield Disinfectant is a unique organic compound used in the medical, hospitality, horticultural, and food industries as a non-toxic, chemical free, 100% organic disinfectant. 


In an enclosed area such as a greenhouse or growing room, CitroShield is in a league of it's own. Offering total control against moulds & fungi. Outdoors, the dual effect of destroying pathogens and barrier control means that you now have a spray that really works.

The natural organic ingredients in CitroShield, are made from plant extracts and not chemicals. They are formulated to combine with the plant, creating a powerful, long lasting, anti-microbial effect, and without any side effects or safety problems.

You don't even have to know pathogen names, just aim CitroShield and kill them!


Certified "Organic" by BFA in Australia, ANZFA in New Zealand, FDA and USDA in the USA, Citroshield is strong enough to pass the stringent requirements of all regulatory bodies, yet is gentle enough to apply to African Violets.


  • effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi
  • no chemicals
  • non-mutagenic
  • kills 99.99% of germs
  • no-rinse
  • non-corrosive
  • BFA registered product
  • non-toxic
  • organic
  • completely biodegradable
  • acts from pH 2 to pH12 at temperatures up to 130oC
  • odourless
  • easy to use and store


First Response Last Resort

Irrespective of your plant's problem, your first response should be to spray it with CitroShield. Your problem may be as simple as an insect attack on the root system, or heavy attack from pathogen bacteria. Identifying the specific type of insect or pathogen and selecting the appropriate remedy is now unnecessary. Pathogens, as well as bugs and insects, do not have to be individually identified! If you need a microscope to see it, CitroShield will destroy it.

Because CitroShield eliminates your pathogen load on contact, nutrients coming up from the roots will feed pathogen free leaves. This will give your plants an immediate boost without placing any stress on the plant's metabolism.

If your plants are overly infected with insects and you don't feel they will survive treatment by a pesticide/insecticide. You should apply CitroShield first and then allow your plants the time they need to recover before spraying with an insecticide.

Even when you think the plant has gone past the point of recovery, try CitroShield as a last resort. Because it produces no negative reaction with plants and does not put any pressures on the plant root system, CitroShield goes far beyond the limits of previously used chemical alternatives!