Flora Nova

Flora Nova

General Hydroponics
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General Hydroponics FloraNova represents a breakthrough in fertiliser technology. A super concentrated mineral liquid fertilser with one part simplicity. Not only does Flora Nova work superbly in hydroponic environments but works equally well with soil less mixtures and soil grown plants. Extremely easy to use.

  • Outstanding for all plant types.
  • Superb for Hydroponic, Soil-less, and Soil Cultivation.
  • Super Concentrated and pH Stabilised.
  • Optimum nutrient absorption.

    Remember that due to its high concentration, FloraNova must be shaken vigorously before each use!

How do I use the FloraNova Series?
For hydroponics and aeroponics, mix FloraNova (Grow or Bloom, depending on plant phase) into reservoir or irrigation system to the desired ppm level (one to three teaspoons on average). For soil and soil less media mix 1/4 strength solution of desired ppm each watering or full strength every third watering.

When do I use the FloraNova Series?
Use FloraNova nutrients throughout the entire life of the plant.

What will the FloraNova Series do for my plants?
The FloraNova series will provide a perfect balance of macro, micro and secondary nutrients that all plants need in one convenient bottle.

Why should I use the FloraNova Series?
FloraNova is a convenient, liquid nutrient that gives extraordinary results. FloraNova requires no messy mixing and gives you back shelf space taken up by additional bulky bottles.