Lumatek 400 Volt Digital Ballast

600w 400V Ballast

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  • Description
The Lumatek technology used by Holland's professional growers is now available in Australia. The start of the much awaited Lumatek 400 volt series has begun.

The 400 volt Lumatek Ballast run with the a 400 volt lamp gives a substantial increase in crop growth by providing a better colour spectrum emitted from the lamp, providing a much plant friendlier spectral energy.

The ballast can sense which type of HPS lamp is being driven and will adjust accordingly. If a standard format HPS lamp is used the performance will be the same as using a standard Lumatek ballast. Using the 400 volt lamp and ballast together will see the higher performance.

The Big benefits.

• 5% more plant light energy than the standard Lumatek ballast!!

• Completely compatible with all your usual reflectors.

• Plugs into your normal wall connection

• Soft start technology

• Random start technology

Under no circumstances use a 400 volt lamp in any other ballast.