RK-S Can-Fan

RK-S Can-Fan

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With Speed Controller

All models have a multi position 4 speed control switch.

The four distinct graduations are approximately 25% 50% 75% 100% of normal RK performance.

  • Better temperature control
  • Better airflow
  • Better odour control
  • Consistent negative room pressure
  • Better economy

The fan is equipped with a thermal switch that turns off the motor if it reaches a dangerous working temperature (for instance in a case where a large amount of debris blocked the working mechanism).

The Swiss made motor combined with the German engineered propeller design enables this model to deliver the strong airflow you need while 4 speeds enable adjustment as needed depending on seasonal growth requirements. The low noise levels will impress you.


Max Outputs;
RK 125LS      370 m³/h
RK 150S        460 m³/h
RK 200S        820 m³/h
RK 250S        830 m³/h