Dry Rack

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The Sea Hawk Dry Rack is a great way to dry herbs.

Each layer measures 71 x 71 x 14cm, and you can add as many layers as required by simply slotting a new layer on top.

The unit fits comfortably in a grow tent, and can be assembled and unassembled quickly and effortlessly for storage.

Hanging Dry Net

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The Sea Hawk Dry Net comes in a handy round bag and is ready for use in a matter of seconds. Simply unzip and it springs out ready for use.

Three sections interlock into 2, 4 or 6 trays per unit.

When setup each Drynet is 1.8m high

- the small rack is 75cm in diameter

- the large rack is 90cm in diameter

Tent Stretch Netting

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Stretch Netting
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Mesh netting that stretches and hooks onto vertical poles of the tents.

For a really firm tight framework we recommend going down one size for each tent. ie. for a 1.2 x 1.2 tent, use the 100 x 100 size.

Bug Net

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Slip one of these bug nets over the inlet of a fan to stop bugs from entering the grow room.

ARS Pruner

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The ARS 'Fruit' Pruner is a premium pruner / trimmer. It has long, straight pointed blades for accurate trimming. The blades are made from High Carbon Tool Steel and are designed to keep a sharp edge for longer.

ARS Pruners have strong comfortable non-slip handles with a soft coil spring, allowing the user to trim over long periods without discomfort.

Perfect for most harvesting and light gardening applications, including hydroponics and bonsai.

  • Overall Length 190mm
  • Blade length 70mm
  • Weight 110g
  • All metal construction
  • Light weight

Mini Trimming Scissors

Order in lots of 12
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  • Description

This small trimmer fits in the palm of your hand and uses a thumb action to trim.

  • Compact
  • Sharp blades
  • Spring action.

Yo-Yo plant hanger

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Invented to train tomatoes, cucumbers etc, upward.

A slow spring action gradually and gently pulls upward on the bush without the need for constant manual adjustment.

Very handy when the plant is growing in hard to access spots.

Yo-Yo plant hanger

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  • Description
  • Twin Hooks
  • Commercial quality
  • 1.6 metre cord