Lumatek Light Control Panel

Control Panel Plus

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Lumatek Control Panel
For HID and LED Lighting

The Lumatek Control Panel Plus is a lighting controller that unlocks extra features and controls for Lumatek HID and LED lighting.

Using highly innovated technology, this controller can be programmed to;

  • automate switching, timing and dimming over a 24 hour period
  • simulate sunrise and sunset periods (to lessen plant stress)
  • control dimming and switching according to room temperature
  • automate light intensity

The Lumatek Digital Panel Plus can independently control two zones of light banks at the same time. Each zone can have up to 200 Lumatek controllable HID ballasts/fixtures or up to 50 LED drivers.

It is possible to use each zone to control fixtures in two separate rooms or to control up to 400 HID ballasts (or 100 LEDs) in one room with two different light source types.

Each Zone can only control the same type and wattage of ballasts/drivers. To use different types, they need to be separated into different zones.

What's in the box
1 x Control Panel
1 x Power Cable and Adapter
2 x Temperature Sensors (1 for each zone)
2 x HID control link cable
2 x LED control link cable

Lumatek Control Panel

Daisy Chain Control Cable

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Lumatek Daisychain Control Cable

The 5 metre long Control Link Cable is designed to daisy-chain Lumatek Controllable LED Fixtures. Up to 100 units can be connected per controller (50 per zone). The cable creates a stable and precise connection without any interference

After connecting the first LED directly to the Control Panel, connect the Daisy Chain Control Cable to the 'Signal Out' output, and connect the other end to the 'Signal In' input of the next fixture.

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Control Link Cable

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Control Link Cable

This cable is designed to connect controllable Lumatek HID ballasts to each other (daisy-chain) and also to a Lumatek Control Panel.

Made with high quality long-lasting components, braided ground shield and OFC conductors, this link cable allows a stable and precise connection without any interference.

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