Lumatek 300 Watt Greenhouse LED Fixture

300W GH Top Light LED Fixture

Innovative, Slim, Compact, Powerful and Efficient Top Light LED fixtures, designed specifically for Greenhouse use.

Using only the highest grade components, with world class performance allowing you to achieve your goals throughout the year.

Lumatek 300 Watt LED Spectrum Graph
Lumatek 300 Watt Greenhouse LEDs


 3.2 μmol/J


 985 μmol/s

 Input Voltage

 200 - 400V

 Input Current

 0.78A @ 400V  -  2.65A @ 200V

 Output Power


 Water Resistant



 +50,000 hours

 Light Distribution

 100º - 1116º

 Light Source

 Osram & Domestic Diodes

 Thermal Management

 Passive Cooling

 Dimmable  with 0 - 10V Dimmer
 External Control

 with Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0


 4.2 Kg


 1280 x 59 x 89mm