1000 watt Red Sunrise

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Red Harvest Grow Lamp

Colour Temp: 3200K
Universal Burning Position
Small Jacket - BT37

Sunmaster Warm Deluxe Lamp

SUNMASTER Red Sunrise Grow Lamps emit a balanced light similar to a 3200° Kelvin source, making them ideal for bloom phases of plant growth while ensuring more natural growth patterns occur in most species. It's enhanced orange-red component promotes flowering, stem elongation and germination while a rich blue content assures healthy vegetative growth

Previously called 'Warm Deluxe'


1000 watt Green Harvest

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Green Harvest Grow Lamp

Colour Temp: 4000K
Base Up Burning Position
Large Jacket - BT56

Sunmaster Neutral Deluxe

SUNMASTER Green Harvest Grow lamps emit a balanced light similar to a 4000° Kelvin source, imitating the natural white look of sunlight. They are an ideal single lamp source for practically all phases of plant growth

Previously called 'Neutral Deluxe'


1000 watt Cool Deluxe

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Sunmaster Cool Grow Lamp
Colour Temp: 5500K
Universal Burning Position
Small Jacket - BT37

Sunmaster Cool Deluxe

SUNMASTER Cool Lamps emit alight at around 5500° Kelvin, imitating the natural look of daylight. They are an ideal light source for the seedling and vegetative stages of plant growth, while still emitting a wide spectral distribution