Cultiv8 Ballasts

CULTIV8 Ballasts

315 watt CMH Pro+ Kit

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CMH lamps have an excellent broad light spectrum, closer to that of the sun than any other HID lamp and are known to increase essential oil production in plants.

As well as normal full growth and flower functions, the unit’s wide spectrum makes it useful as supplemental full spectrum light for larger scale flowering operations.

The Cultiv8 315 watt CMH Pro+ Kit includes the following;

Cultiv8 CMH Ballast

Cultiv8 315 watt CMH Ballast

  • Adjustable output (160, 190, 220, 250, 280, 315 watt)
  • Square wave, Low Frequency Technology
  • Australian Certified RCM Compliance
  • 2.5 metre output lead
  • 1.5 metre input lead (hard-wired for optimal performance)
  • 2 year warranty


Cultiv8 315 watt Lamp

  • 930 / 3100k Full Spectrum, High Output
  • PAR Value 625 µmol/s
  • CRI 90+
  • 1 year Warranty

E40 Lamp Adaptor

Cultiv8 E40 Lamp Adaptor

Allows for the connection of the dual pin lamp to a standard hydroponics reflector
  • High Quality Ceramic
  • Deep Socket to Ensure a Tight Lamp Connection