Air Pump Spare Parts

How do I replace my air pump diaphram?

Air pump diaphrams are fairly easy to replace.

The video here shows how...

(This is not a Precision air pump, but the procedure is the same)

Precision - Small Diaphragm (2 Pack)

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To suit;

Precision 2500 Air Pump
(requires one diaphragm)


Precision 7500 Air Pump
(requires two diaphragms)

Precision - Large Diaphragm (2 Pack)

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To suit;

Precision 9500 Air Pump
(requires two diaphragms)


Precision 12000 Air Pump
(requires four diaphragms)

Replacement Flapper Valves (10 Pack)

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Aquarium Pump Flapper Valves

To replace the flapper valve assembly;

  • Open the pump as per the diaphragm replacement instructions.
  • Remove the air outlet manifold screw and remove the air outlet unit.
  • Remove the flapper valve and replace.
  • Always replace all valves in the pump at the same time.
  • Suits Precision 2500, 7500, 9500 & 12000 Air Pumps