High Output Compact Fluoros

75 watt - 6500K - CFL

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Cultiv8 High Output CFL

The Cultiv8 high output compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is great for use in smaller grow environments and propagation situations.

The screw in lamp base (E40) is the same as used for many HID lamps. This lamp doesn't need a ballast and is plugged directly into a 240 volt wall socket, so the lead needs to have a flat earth pin.

  • No ballast required
  • Special coil design to concentrate light output
  • Very high lumen per watt ratio
  • Reaches optimum light output in less than three minutes
  • Wattage and lumen output remains constant during operation
  • 6500k
  • 75 watt

  Carton: 20

250 watt - 2700K - CFL

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Powerplant CFL

Compact Fluorescent Lamp with integrated ballast. E40 screw fitting. Minimal heat generation.