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Flexible Heat Mat

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Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat
  • Double insulated
  • C-Tick certified
  • Heat dispersion plugs included
  • Colourful hanging store display pack

Model Dimensions
Power Barcode


390 x 280mm

18 watt



550 x 280mm

25 watt



645 x 350mm

35 watt


Cloning Knife

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Cloning Knife
This knife is ideal for making cuttings. It has break off blades to ensure it is always sharp. It is also priced cheap enough to be disposed off after a single use, to help prevent any cross contamination.

Disposable Scalpel

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Disposable Scalpel

Propagation Tray

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Propagation Tray
350 x 295 x 50mm

Lattice Propagation Tray

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Propagation Lattice Tray

The Lattice Propagation Tray sits onto the solid tray (above). It allows adequate drainage to flow through from the propagation media back to the propagation tray.

350 x 295 x 50mm