Humidity Cribs

Cloning Station

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A compact 24 site aeroponic propagator with clear humidity lid. Includes pump, three colours of neoprene disks for identifying different plant varieties and a spare set of 5 misting jets
  • Faster root development than conventional propagation methods
  • Automated cloning made easy

Clone Station Sprayers

 Sprayers irrigate media from underneath

Cloning Station with Clear Lid

Comes with humidity lid

Neoprene Disks

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Clone Station Neoprene Disks
Replacement neoprene disks for SeaHawk Cloning Station
  • Pack of 25 Disks

Prop 64 Lid

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Prop64 Propagation Unit

Heavy Duty Solid Perspex Lid

555 x 355mm

Minimum Height: 110mm (at edges)      Maximum Height: 140mm (at centre)

(Image shows the Prop64 Lid and the Tray - both sold separately)

Prop 64 Tray

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Propagator 64 Tray

555 x 355mm

Made from quality black UV treated plastic - built to last.

Tray depth: 85mm

Jumbo Clone Lid

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Jumbo Tray & Lid
530 x 320mm

Height: 130mm

(Image shows the Jumbo Lid and Tray - tray sold separately)


Jumbo Clone Tray

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Jumbo Tray
530 x 320mm

Tray Depth: 50mm

Super Dome Lid

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Super Dome Lid
530 x 270mm

The image above shows the Super Dome Lid and Tray (sold separately)

Super Dome Tray

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Propagation Tray

530 x 270mm

Flexible Heat Mat

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Cultiv8 Flexible Heat Mat
  • Double insulated
  • C-Tick certified
  • Heat dispersion plugs included
  • Colourful hanging store display pack
Model Dimensions
Power Barcode


390 x 280mm

18 watt



550 x 280mm

25 watt



645 x 350mm

35 watt


Heat Mat Thermostat

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Cultiv8 Heat Mat Thermostat

Temperature Controller with digital interface

Allows gardeners to maintain optimal root temperature for faster seedling or cutting growth.

  • Temperature Calibration
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out
  • 4.3A max. current
  • 1000 watt max. wattage
  • Temperature Range 20ºC to 42ºC

Simple to use

  Plug controller into a mains power supply.

  Plug the heat mat (or other device) into the thermostat.

  Position the temperature sensor in the growing area to be regulated.

 Program the required temperature using the control panel.