Fan Controllers and Thermostats

Smart EC Fan Controller PRO

Headwind HVC
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Smart EC Fan Controller Pro

Temperature and humidity control, air pressure adjustment and auto control.

Smart Speed Controller with Thermal Probe

Headwind HVC
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Smart Speed Controller with Probe

6 speed for monitoring environmental temperature, accurate ventilation and energy saving.

Fan Speed Controller

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Fan Speed Controller

This controller is a simple solution to adjust the speed of most fans.

Simply connect the fan directly to the controller, and adjust the speed by twisting the control knob.

Max. Current: 2 Amp

Temperature Controller

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Thermostat Temperature Controller

Used to maintain the temperature within a programmed range.

1.5 metre sensor lead & probe


  • Adjust the thermostat by turning the knob to the desired temperature, and connect a cooling device (fan) or heating device, or both.
  • Place the controller's temperature sensor (metal probe) in the area the temperature is to be maintained.
  • The controller starts the cooling device (connected to the white cooling socket) when the temperature goes above the set temperature.
  • If the temperature drops below the setting, the heater device (connected to the black socket) is switched on.

Fan Speed Controller 7.5 Amp

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Fan Speed Controller 7.5A
Transformer Based Speed Controller
  • 5-step speed control
  • smooth and quiet operation
  • for Max-Fan and ISO-Max single speed fans only

EC Fan Speed Controller (with LCD)

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Can-Fan EC Fan Controller

The Can-Fan Speed Controller regulates the speed of EC Fans to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions within the grow room.

Controls Temperature and Humidity
The sensor monitors the current temperature and humidity levels within the growing room, and gradually increases the fan speed until levels are achieved.

Minimum and Maximum Fan Speeds
It is very important to set the correct minimum fan speed, so fans do not burn out from running too slowly.

LCD Display
Easy to read, easy to use design

Controls intake and exhaust fans
The two ports on the controller allow intake and exhaust fans to be treated differently.

Constant negative air pressure
The intake and exhaust fans can be programmed to maintain a negative air pressure within the grow room.

Day-Time / Night-Time settings
Separate settings for day and night can be programmed.

This controller will only work with the Can-Fan Q-Max EC range of fans and the Satellite Fan Controller.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Replacement sensor for EC Fan Speed Controller (LCD)

Satellite Fan Controller

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Can-Fan Satellite Controller

Used to control ISO-Max and MAX-Fan single speed fans, with simple, reliable, and quiet operation.

  • plug and play
  • easy to use
  • 6 speed controls
  • noiseless operation
  • fully compatible with EC Fan Speed Controller (with LCD)

The Can-Fan Satellite uses a 4 amp transformer to control fan speeds. Although the satellite is specially designed by Can-Fan for use with ISO-Max and MAX-fan single speed fans, it can also be use with most other non-controllable fans.

Transformer based controllers should not be used with fans that already have integrated speed control.