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New Products

Lumatek Zeus 465w

Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED

Professor's Growers Kit

Professor's Original Growers Kit

Professor's Grower's Kit

Professor's Organic Growers Kit

Cultiv8 100w 400v DE HPS

1000 watt 400 Volt DE HPS

Lumatek 600w 400v DE HPS

600 watt 400 Volt DE HPS

RK-125LS Can-Fan

RK 100LS

Hydro Bitz Pruner


Ezi Oil 5 Litre

Ezi Oil

PS-1 Expander Module

PS-1 Expander Module

IntroGro Digital Ballast

600 watt Digital Ballast

IntroGro Lamp

600 watt HPS Lamp

Sonlight 600watt CMH Lamp

600 watt CMH

Cultivator FX LED

Cultivator FX

Phone and Tablet Camera Filter

AirComfort Monitor

AirComfort Monitor