Hydroponics for Everybody

Hydroponics for Everybody
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This richly illustrated bible of hydroponics gardening will increase your indoor harvests to levels you never thought possible. From basic gardening to high-tech installations, tips for the beginner and know-how for the seasoned professional, everything you ever wanted to know about the art of hydroponics, from the ABC's to the most guarded secrets.

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Hydroponics for Everyone

Hydroponics foe Everyone
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Dr. Struan Sutherland - Fourth Edition

A consistent bestseller since its first publication. Hydroponics for Everyone presents today's gardeners with the most comprehensive, the most up-to-date and the simplest guide to hydroponic gardening. 142 pages. Packed full of information and colour photos.

Growers Guide

Flairform Growers Guide
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Flairform Growers Guide provides expert information for growing indoors or outdoors in hydroponics, coco fibre or soil.

This book explains complex and often misunderstood issues in a detailed but very simple way.

89 full colour pages with over 200 diagrams and photos.

Topics included in this book;

  • system types and components
  • indoor lighting and ventilation
  • water quality
  • nutrients and additives
  • nutrient management
  • pH control
  • conductivity
  • system hygiene
  • pruning & shaping
  • pest & disease control
  • nutrient deficiency symptoms
  • foliar spraying
  • cuttings & seedlings


Integral Hydroponics

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